ALFATEMEYA services include

We accomplish all varied mechanical works including Central Air Conditioning, and Fire
Protectionwiththehighquality, efficiency, productivitytogratifyour clients, asweprovide:

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Pump Systems

Fire Protection Valves


Clean Agent Suppression System

Water Spray Nozzles

Foam & Powder System

Fire Hydrants


Alfatemeya offers the full spectrum

Of services in Electromechanical & Civil Works (Design, Supply, Installation, Engineering Testing, Training & after sales warranty and Maintenance

Conventional & Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.
Gases Fire Fighting Systems (CO2, FM200/HFC227 ea., INERGEN, ).
Automatic Sprinkler, Foam, Spray & Deluge Systems.
Fire Hoses Stand pipe systems.
Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems. 
Gas Detection System.
Electric Supplies (Lighting, Cables, Fixtures, Control Equipment,).

All above systems according to the international rules & standards as:

● National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
● Egyptian Fire Protection Association (EFPA).
● The Loss Prevention Council (LPC).
● British Standards for Fire Protection (BS).