ALFATEMEYA is the optimal choice for engineering procurement and
construction services;

We are proud of our past and working hard to make tomorrow even better.


ALFATEMEYA is the optimal choice

for engineering procurement and construction services; as our team of workers and professionals are among the best in the field with an experience up to 20 years through participation in major local projects demonstrating their professional skills to manage, build, and support a wide variety of challenging projects to meet clients’ requirements and expectations.

The exceptional growth that ALFATEMEYA has experienced, becoming a regional market leader in providing integrated engineering and contracting services to a diverse spectrum of clients is the testament to the company’s dedication in providing the best of services and achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

ALFATEMEYA  is committed to

exceptional service and accurate reports that are easy to understand and work professionally to achieve design requirements. Promote the continued training of
all employees to achieve quality and skills required to provide right
products and services. Offer timely delivery of services to our customers.

The Quality System has the full commitment of Management, as our
quality policy has been determined with the intention of providing
customizable and quality products meet the requirements of the local
and international customers in terms of the better realization of their
requirements, optimum solutions to meet those requirements and
building systems; ensuring quality at all phases, which made us
competent to obtain certified ISO9001.

ALFATEMEYA services include

We accomplish all varied mechanical works including Central Air Conditioning, and Fire
Protectionwiththehighquality, efficiency, productivitytogratifyour clients, asweprovide:

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Pump Systems

Fire Protection Valves


Clean Agent Suppression System

Water Spray Nozzles

Foam & Powder System

Fire Hydrants


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